"A single thought, held clearly and firmly, can defeat an empire."

My best friend emailed me this article a while back about one's vision and staying true to that vision. I pasted it into my notes, thinking I would read it at a later date. That day came as I thought long and hard on the name for our studio. As I read though the article, I came upon this line, "A single thought, held clearly and firmly, can defeat an empire.", and I wondered. What was my vision, my single thought? Basically, I wanted everyone to get what I got from yoga, but what was that? It was different every day. I felt physically strong from my practice one day, mentally strong the next. Yoga has brought me strength, balance, focus, ease of mind, the ability to stay calm when the walls are crashing in on me, and to face my inner demons head on without fear. Through many teacher trainings that I've taken and assisted over the last 5 years, I've seen the practice do the same thing for hundreds of people just like me. They've been able to face their fears and doubts, the anchors that weigh them down from becoming the person they want to become, and let all that go. All through the practice of yoga!

So, as I kept this vision in my mind, I sifted through lists of names, listened to everybody's suggestions. Nothing seem to give me that, what my teacher, Baron Baptiste, calls the "Grand Canyon moment". A name that blew me away. Sitting and having beers with friends after class one night, we kept throwing out name after name. Then somebody said, "just call it 'Terry Ross Yoga!'". I hated it. I told the group that I didn't want it to be about me(I know that's a shock to those of you that know me!). I wanted it to be about the student. "So just shorten it" someone else said. "Call it 'TRY'!" I loved the word, I say it all the time in my classes. I want people to come to class and try a pose that scares them, try pushing themselves to a place they didn't think was possible, try sitting in a pose for what seems like forever and stayed focused on the present moment while the voices in their head chatter on. When they "TRY" something on their mat, face their fears and doubts, and succeed, what can face off their mat as well? We had our studio name! 

I tried yoga 20 years ago, and it saved my life. We know it will do the same for you. All you have to do is 'decide to try'. Please, just don't call it 'Terry Ross Yoga'. It's not about me. It's about You...


terry ross

Terry Ross- 


Terry brings his enthusiasm and love of yoga combined with knowledge of body alignment and mechanics to each practice. 

 He has devoted twenty years to studying and integrating yoga into his life. Yoga is his passion. His classes are fun and playful with easy-to-follow instructions,encouraging students of all levels to work deeply while honoring their own practice, working within their limitations yet helping them reach and go beyond their edge. 

He began teaching yoga in 2011, primarily focusing on the physical aspects of yoga. It wasn't until he met Baron Baptiste in 2012 that he fully realized he could get a total workout through Baptiste Yoga - body, mind AND soul. He completed his 500 hours of training under the tutelage of Baron and The Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. Terry now spends his life teaching the Baptiste Journey Into Power Sequence and a class called YOD(Your Own Determination), which combines power yoga and plyometrics. Whenever he can, he continues to assist teacher trainings around the country with Baron and the amazing people of the Baptiste family. 

Terry began practicing Yoga to make a positive change in his life. Through his teaching, he hopes to make a positive change in other people's lives as well .




Tina's life completely shifted when she was introduced to yoga and all its amazing benefits over 4 years ago. Over the last 3 years Tina has transformed her life through Baptiste Power Yoga trainings to earn her RYT 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification. She has continued her education with Bryan Kest, Always at Aum School and other local workshops and trainings to share what she learns with the whole Yoga community. 

Tina's goal is to inspire others on their mats and on the water through Paddle Boarding/Paddleboard Yoga, at Binghamton University or at The Binghamton Zen Den since both have become a way of life for her.

Tina also works with the Baptiste Foundation and Connected Warriors offering free yoga to veterans, active military and their support systems in Broome County. 

She is excited to join the TRYoga team to continue to inspire and share her passion for life with everyone!! 

"Because you are alive, everything is possible."-Thich Nhat Hanh 


Jessica Michalek


Jessica began her yoga practice in 2007. She believes every time you roll out your mat it is a new adventure and opportunity to learn something new and grow within yourself. Finding your breath, finding focus, finding balance on the mat and then bringing that off the mat into your life. Yoga has inspired her to make healthy changes in her life and she hopes to open that door for others. She is passionate and motivated to create a space for everyone to grow, change, and love.

In the fall of 2011 she completed Always at Aum 200 hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training program and and registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200 level. In August of 2014 she completed Level 1 Baptiste Teacher Training. She has done many workshops with yogis such as Seane Corn, Alanna Kaivalya, Phillip Askew, Baron Baptiste and Matthew Sanford. She is continuing her education, now studying for 500 level and is grateful and excited to share all of this knowledge with others. She enjoys not only teaching Vinyasa style of yoga but power, restorative, mediation and kid's classes as well.

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Michelle Bertoni


Michelle is continuously pushed by the physical and mental challenge yoga has to offer. Yoga has helped her get into better shape and has transformed her mentally. It has created a new fresh outlook to life as well as a helped create a better body image. Yoga continues to challenge her- teaching and in her own practice. There is always something new to discover, a new way to do a pose or a different variation and so much  More. The yoga journey is endless!

After completing her associates degree in Health and Nutrition, Michelle knew that teaching yoga was her passion. Michelle has completed both Level One and Two of Baptiste training. She is now a certified Yoga Alliance 200hour RYT. Michelle will be continuing her journey by working on her Baptiste certification in the weeks to come.

In Michelle's class you'll get a great workout, as well as create balance and positivity in your life. You will find your edge throughout your practice by challenging yourself and possibly discovering something new! You can even learn some fun arm balances! Michelle will also share what yoga has given her and inspire others to grow and challenge themselves. Yoga is a continuous learning, growing and challenging practice. She's ambitious to learn and share all that she can!