Terry brings his enthusiasm and love of yoga combined with knowledge of body alignment and mechanics to each practice.

He has devoted twenty years to studying and integrating yoga into his life. Yoga is his passion. His classes are fun and playful with easy-to-follow instructions,encouraging students of all levels to work deeply while honoring their own practice, working within their limitations yet helping them reach and go beyond their edge.

He began teaching yoga in 2011, primarily focusing on the physical aspects of yoga. It wasn't until he met Baron Baptiste in 2012 that he fully realized he could get a total workout through Baptiste Yoga - body, mind AND soul. He completed his 500 hours of training under the tutelage of Baron and The Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. Terry now spends his life teaching the Baptiste Journey Into Power Sequence and a class called YOD(Your Own Determination), which combines power yoga and plyometrics. Whenever he can, he continues to assist teacher trainings around the country with Baron and the amazing people of the Baptiste family.

Terry began practicing Yoga to make a positive change in his life. Through his teaching, he hopes to make a positive change in other people's lives as well .





Samantha started her yoga practice in 2009 while a student at Binghamton University. Like many, she started yoga for the physical benefits. A ballet dancer for twelve years, she enjoyed the beauty in the shapes that yoga can create with the body. Yet through practice, she has found that yoga paints a more well-rounded picture. It is not only physical but a mental, emotional, and spiritual journey, as well.

Samantha completed her 200-hour teacher training through Twin Cities Collective at Organic Yoga and is excited to be able to share her love of yoga with others. Through her vinyasa classes, she hopes to connect people to their bodies through breath and to provide a safe space for all to explore and deepen their own personal yoga journeys.

Outside of yoga, Samantha is a graduate student at Binghamton University working towards her MS degree in biological chemistry and her MAT degree in chemistry.



Caroline's love for yoga was born while trying to find relief from frustrating chronic lower back pain when she was only 18 years old, completely unaware that it would soon become one of her greatest passions. It's because of this that she tries to reframe each challenge and setback in life into a blessing; a new opportunity to grow and go deeper into the self. Her passion for the practice really took off when she started school at Binghamton University where she found a teacher that she connected with and who helped deepen her practice. She has since practiced multiple different styles of yoga with many fantastic teachers. She likes to think of her teaching style as an interpretation of all of her teachers' wisdom, with a personal twist! Her classes urge you to find a mind-body-soul connection, and to learn the balance between challenging yourself and caring for your body with loving kindness. She walks through life feeling deeply and loving fully, encouraging others that they too can accomplish the same perspective through yoga.



Sarah has been a dancer throughout her life, starting with dance classes at age 5. She danced competitively throughout middle school and high school, competing around the country in various styles and refining her craft in traditional ballet techniques. When she started college at Binghamton University, she transitioned from dancing competitively to teaching dance fitness. In 2015, Sarah got hooked on teaching Zumba, and since that time has thoroughly enjoyed teaching large Zumba masterclasses in Binghamton and New York City. She began her Barre journey in 2017, receiving her certification as a NETA Barre Connect instructor, and loves the way it integrates dance techniques to truly sculpt and tone the body in a way that is accessible to everyone.
Sarah whole-heartedly wants everyone to feel a sense of accomplishment and joy when walking out of her class. You can expect an entire body workout in her class, focusing on toning small muscles with small, repetitive movements. She combines techniques she has learned from her yoga practice, Pilates, strength training, and classical ballet technique to bring you a multi-faceted class which will give you the toning you are looking for.
When Sarah is not busy teaching fitness, you can find her volunteering for Broome Ambulance as an EMT, serving the community. Sarah also loves to travel and volunteer for the local Red Cross Chapter as a Disaster Responder.